Shalko principe de los okis
Shalko prince of the Okis

Shalko principe de los okis

Shalko I and II were translated
into English by Héctor Morel

In June 2013 Mr. Hector V. Morel accepted translating into English the book "Shalko Prince of okis". Volumes I: "The journey starts" and II "The way of transformation" are now available in English.

Which is the meaning of the
South Sword?

The South Sword has a sublime aspect because it is not merely a piece of iron efficiently transformed; it represents all the values that a warrior must forge among with the raging fire of Vulcan.


Okizar Profile

Okizar was the great king of Okis of the southern lands, a man of word that form lasting partnerships.

The last volume of the series:
"Shalko Prince of the okis" will be
available very soon.

"The Last Battle" is the largest book of all three and leads to the mysterious erratic islands of the sea. Islands who fled off the sight of the navigators of those distant times, the wonderful Ynivistrin towers, where there is no hail or snow or even rain.

Helen was born in Great Britain, at Saint Neots, an small town located a few miles from Cambridge. Since childhood she lived in Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

She studied Medicine at La Plata National University where she graduated with an MD degree. Afterwards she especialized in psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in recognized houses of study. Helen is also university professor and she taught in Argentina and abroad.

Her first book "Dialogue with a sparrow" in the genus poetry, was edited by Alberto Vacarezza son. She also wrote the paper: "Angels and intermediates," "Shalko Prince of Okis", "Shalko II: The way of transformation" and "Shalko III: The last battle".

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