Shalko principe de los okis
Shalko principe de los Okis

Shalko principe de los okis

Name: Okizar - Race: Oki - Hight: 1,90 mts
Activity/Role: King of the Okis
Ancestry: Son of Godoalan, grandson of Corrigan and great-grandson of Danaan
Ethnicity: Father of one child, Shalko, who he had with the elf Miosalfar
Brief History: Okizar, Lord of Randagad, Great King of the okis at the Southern Lands, Godoalan son, Corrigan grandson, and great-grandson of Danaan. Descendant of kings and queens of the okis from beyond the South Seas. Married to the beautiful elven princess, Miosalfar, daughter of the King of the white Elves of the South. He had one son, Shalko.

Okizar continued Danaan history, a history marked by tragedy when he goes in search of the Black Magician Haghedisse, that through her powers, his wife becomes pregnant. Actually, it was the Lord of Shadow who whispered so crazy idea in the ears of Okizar while he slept, in adition to leading him to the waponery where in sight to all, but mixed and hidden upon hundreds and hundreds of weapons, was the powerful Sword of the South that the Shadow Lord needed to destroy the world.

Okizar decided to go find Haghedisse at Northern Highlands where the headwaters of the river Corraniaid were magical. In that very place was the meeting with the magician who curses him, falling such a curse in the body of his son who was already brewing in Miosalfar´s belly.
At the same time the monstrous Shalko was born, begins a story tinged with pain, guilt, anger, despair and loneliness for Shalko and his father.

Okizar, could not overcome all his defects arising out of egotism, pride, stubbornness, mistrust, and false pride which led him to a path of no return. Still, it was capable of extreme generosity to his people, brave and capable of the greatest sacrifices for his subjects bowing before the end only one truth: love.

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Okizar king of the okis